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Always be on the safe side

At MATTES, Hi-Pro is short for High Protection. Our clever combination of fleece made specially for us in Europe, leather impact protection on the inside and POLY-FLEX® shock-absorbing linings guarantee maximum protection for your horse. To allow easy adjustment, there is a highly elastic and robust Lycra stretch panel running the full length of the boot, ensuring that material fatigue won’t be a problem.

Sophistication down to the slightest detail

Our Hi-Pro boots with reinforced protection for the splint bones and joints far exceed bandages in terms of their protective effect: slipping and coming loose while riding will be problems of the past. Hi-Pro boots also reliably prevent pressure points and pinching. All parts of the boots, even the leather impact protection, are fully ventilated to reliably prevent overheating.

MATTES Hi-Pro boots are easy to use: they can be fitted and removed in just a few seconds. These elegant boots are fastened with a tough zip, covered with fleece to avoid accidental undoing.

The Hi-Pro boots are available in four different sizes (S, M, L and XL) and can be purchased separately for front or hind legs, or as a set.