Peanut Brittle - 150g Bag

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An old-time, crunchy favourite packed with roasted Australian peanuts and a hint of pure Victorian honey.

This classic peanut brittle is a rich, buttery and silky sheet of golden brittle that features robust, crunchy, savoury and roasted Australian peanuts suspended inside of it.

A dash of Mornington honey adds a bit of sweet to the mix for a wonderful blend of both texture and flavour. From the honey to the peanuts and the brittle in-between, you can be sure that each bite you take of the delicious brittle is made from all-natural, high quality ingredients.

We strive to ensure the fine ingredients used possess no artificial components at all, and we make sure that no gluten is included in this recipe.

Ingredients: Sugar, peanuts, glucose (corn), honey, butter, bicarb soda

Gluten free