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Traditional Series

The world's 'most asked for' horses since 1950! Hand-painted and accurately detailed – no two are exactly alike - Breyer's® Traditional line brings the world of horses alive with the most authentic and realistic model horses available today! Sculpted in 1:9 scale.


Classic Series

Classics are Breyer's most realistic junior collector line, Made of the same high quality materials as Breyer's Traditional Series, Classics are 1:12 Scale and have authentic hand printed details. Classics barns, riders and accessories feature contemporary styling to give the horse savvy enthusiasts the true to life horse details that they crave for active role playing.


Stablemates Series

Breyer's Stablemates Series are as beautifully hand-crafted and painted as the larger models and offer a variety of accessories and play sets for exciting play and lifetime collectability for kids and adults alike. The Stablemates Series are at 1:32 scale.