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PRITECH - Mini Cordless Hair Straightener
PRITECH - Mini Cordless Hair Straightener
PRITECH - Mini Cordless Hair Straightener
PRITECH - Mini Cordless Hair Straightener
PRITECH - Mini Cordless Hair Straightener
PRITECH - Mini Cordless Hair Straightener
PRITECH - Mini Cordless Hair Straightener
PRITECH - Mini Cordless Hair Straightener
PRITECH - Mini Cordless Hair Straightener
PRITECH - Mini Cordless Hair Straightener
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PRITECH - Mini Cordless Hair Straightener

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Never have a bad hair day again with this portable and cord free Mini flat iron. Keep it in your handbag for those hassle free hair touch ups. At work but run out of charge no problem just use the USB cable that comes with the flat iron to plug into your computer for hassle free charging. Perfect travel companion, easy touch ups on the run, or great for everyday use.

The perfect gift for all women, you never have to have a bad hair day again.


This Mini Flat Iron is in stock here in Australia.

Local Pick Up is available also.



PRITECH Mini Flat Iron has an LED display and offers 3 temperature levels (165°C / 185°C / 205°C), it is not a professional hair straightener, nor a traditional cord hair straightener, but a cordless use hair straightener.

Note: This mini hair straightener is not suitable for very thick or hard hair.

The ceramic triple-coated mini flat iron which can achieve zero stickiness, and the built-in comb teeth help smooth the hair when straightening.

It is a portable hair straightener that can be used cordlessly, suitable for thin hair and short hair.

This appliance has a 2400mAH lithium battery and supports standard USB interface charging.

Please fully charge the Mini flat iron before use. Using the dedicated USB charging cable that comes with the Mini Flat Iron. It takes about 4 hours to fully charge.

The use time is about 20-30 minutes depending on the type of the hair and the environment in which it is used. In normal case, the battery can be used repeatedly for about 2 years.

PRITECH Cordless Mini Hair Straightener breaks through the space limitations of traditional cord hair straighteners, helping you to create a comfortable hairstyle anytime, anywhere, whether traveling or everyday use.


Straighten Anywhere

This mini flat iron is perfect to carry in your handbag, great for in between touch ups whilst your out shopping or at work. Never be caught with bad hair again.


Rechargeable VIA USB

The flat iron portable USB cable is as same as Android phone charging cable. ONLY charge this mini flat iron with the original charging cable supplied. USB charge using your computer/ adapter/battery charger/power bank, which output is 5V.


LED Indicator Light

The cordless flat iron has 3 temperatures settings Setting:165,185, & 205. This Mini flat iron is NOT suitable for very thick or hard hair. To turn the Mini flat iron on, press and hold the on button for 3 seconds


Grab a Small Strand of Hair

To maximise the built-in battery, grab small sections of hair at a time to ensure the device works at its maximum ability. Do NOT large sections of hair this will cause the temperature to drop and drain the battery fast.


Portable Cordless Mini Size for Travel

This portable hair straightener is cordless, the battery powered flat iron is charged using a USB cable, it is small and easier to operate, it comes with a Heat Proof Cloth Bag.


The mini portable cordless straightener is perfect for short hair and small touch-ups, Please Note: It is NOT suitable for thick or hard hair.

1: This product requires 4 hours of full charge before using. Then if set to the highest temperature (205 ° C), it may take about 8 minutes to heat the device to the set temperature. We recommend heating in the LOCK mode, which saves a lot of heating time

After fully charged, you can use 15-25 minutes,the use of time is related to your hair type.

2: This product need to press and hold for 3 seconds to turn on.

3: This appliance has a charging protection function that it cannot be turned on when charging. Please use the 5V 1A adapter or use your computer to charge.

4: The Built-in comb teeth can smooth hair when straightening. As you straighten, you may hear squeak sound, don't worry, it's the sound of hair and built-in comb teeth friction.

5: Please press and hold (ON/OFF Botton and Temperature Adjustment Button together) for 3 seconds to lock the temperature.

Package Includes:

★ 1x Hair Straightener

★ 1x USB Charging Cable

★ Heat Proof Cloth Bag

★ User Manual

★ 12 Months Warranty

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