Wool Under Rug - Navy Blue with Light Blue Binding (Australian Made)

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At our most trying and testing conditions, we take to our old faithfuls that have seen us through season on season of the harshest Australian climates. Wool reigns supreme when the mercury drops as the ultimate natural fibre to alleviate winter’s bite, as it has generation after generation on this great land. This heavy weight rug takes on the plummeting chills, the frost-ridden nights and when the sun does finally show again, it breathes with your horse to prevent overheating.



  • Webbing leg straps – placed for best fit and crafted to endure a life of wear
  • Side release back fittings – giving ease of rug changes
  • Reinforced fronts – it’s comfort that’s built to last
  • Double bound neck – crafted to fit for life and to last a lifetime